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手提式继保仪|单相继电保护测试仪|便携式继电保护试验箱|单相继保仪|继保试验箱 手提式继保仪是青岛华宝电气依据国家试验规程、用户现场使用经验研制生产的体积小巧、便携易带
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3、输入:AC220V 50Hz 0.5KVA/0.3KVA

4、输出:AC0~250V DC0~300V  AC0~10A/30V~30A/10V





5、体重320×250×230mm 重12Kg/10Kg






Portable relay protection instrument | single phase relay protection tester | portable relay protection test box | single phase relay protection instrument | relay protection test box

The portable relay protection instrument is a relay test platform developed and produced by Qingdao Huabao Electric Co., Ltd. according to the national test regulations and the user's field experience, which is compact, portable, easy to carry, multi-functional, good quality and can meet most of the test items.

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First、main features:

1. Adjustable ACA, ACV and DCV can be output.

2. It can output fixed ACV and DCV.

3. Comprehensively monitor DCV, ACV and ACA.

4. It has high-precision multi bit millisecond timing function.

5. All digital displays are convenient for use at night.

6. Aluminum alloy shell is small, portable and easy to carry.

7. Volume : 320×250×230mm, weight : 13.5kg.

Two, working principle:

1. Working principle and performance are as follows.

2. Principle description: the whole machine is composed of adjustable main circuit and fixed output auxiliary circuit. The measurement and control of main and auxiliary circuits are independent of each other.

(1) main circuit:

The input AC220V is mainly regulated by the voltage regulator, isolated transformer (and current riser), high voltage output AC0-250V, and output DC0-300VDC after rectification and filtering. The output of one circuit of low-voltage and high current is 0-30A / 10V, the output of one circuit is 0-10A / 30V, the output of 30A is large, and the output of 10A has strong load capacity, and both circuits can operate for 15 minutes under full load for a long time.

The AC current measurement adopts a new type of current sensor, the accuracy is better than 0.5%. After the current sensor sampling, the differential amplification is sent to the four and a half digit meter for display, and the 10A gear can be accurate to three digits after the decimal point.

There is a four and a half digit meter on the right side of the middle part of the instrument panel for voltage measurement. The output voltage monitored can be selected through the monitoring selection switch.

(2) auxiliary circuit

AC220V is controlled by switch and isolated by transformer. One output is fixed AC110V/0. , the other output is fixed DC110V/0. , and the other output is fixed DC30V / 1A.

Three, main technical indicators:

1. Rated input: AC220V ± 10% 50Hz 300VA

2. Rated output of main circuit:

AC: AC0-250V / 0. , AC0-10A / 30V , AC0-30A / 10V

The maximum stable operation time is 15 minutes.

DC: dc0-300v / 0. , the longest stable operation time is 15 minutes.

3. Fixed output of auxiliary circuit:

AC: AC110V / 0. , the longest stable operation time is 15 minutes.

DC: DC0-30V / 1A , DC0-110V / 0.

The maximum stable operation time is 15 minutes.